Christmas in Christ Chapel 2005
"Ageless Visions of a Timeless Moment"

Gustavus Adolphus College

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"Gloria in Excelsis" Panels

Patricia Freiert was commissioned by Chaplain Brian Johnson to create a textile work as a setting for the annual musical Christmas liturgy in Christ Chapel, December 2-4, 2005. The twenty-four panel textile installation, "Gloria in Excelsis," suspended from the ceiling along the east and west walls of Christ Chapel, was designed to convey the peace of a Bethlehem sky and the radiance emanating from the cross, the ultimate Christmas Star. The silver shroud on the cross was intended to suggest Easter and at the same time the light source of a great star, the resurrection and the incarnation as one. To maintain the scale, the twelve-yard nylon organza panels were designed by Patricia Freiert using the architect's plan for the chapel. Lindsay Peterson and Karen Dang assisted her in tieing the stars using four different techniques and in stitching the lines for the beams of light. Also assisting in removing the bindings and in other ways were: Zoe Barta, Lindsey Beyers, Elaine Brostrom, Anna Blunk, Kathryn Christenson, Marilyn Erling, Donna Green, Jan Jensen, Brian Johnson, Kumiko Kondou, Bea Martinson, and Ranae Peterson.

"Trinity" Panels